Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walgreens Clearance (Bounty Basic Paper Towel)

I went to Walgreens yesterday to buy diapers and I couldn't just go in and buy diapers and not look around so I looked around hoping my eyes would catch a orange tag or two and guess what I found Bounty Basic Paper Towel .90. So I bought my 1 pack of diaper and Lady Speed Stick and went home to clip my bounty coupons $1/2 (5/3 P&G). So thats .80 for 2 single roll paper towel.

I bought 20 but I didn't clear the shelf they had more!


  1. Nice!! We're fully stocked on toilet paper but we're super low on paper towel. I hope there are still some clearanced towels floating around!

  2. wow that is a REALLY good deal! Look at you go girl, I so need to be more coupon friendly ;)