Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Didn't think I would be going to Walgreens this week but I did after reading the blogs and did I find another great deal. I think I'm set on wipes for the whole year. Seriously!

I still had $5 Huggies coupon so I used used them all, 4 to be exact.

The deal is 2 Huggies wipes for $5.

6 Huggies wipes, 72 in each $15
2 Huggies wipes, 64 in each $5
Total $30-$30 in coupon = $1.68 (All I paid was tax)

That's 560 wipes for $1.68.

Without coupons I would have paid $30. I wish I had discovered couponing years ago but I think with these deals I'm making up for lost times.

I'm going back on Thursday I still have about 3 $3 coupons plus they need to restock. I took all the wipes sorry!


  1. Hi Nicky!

    Stop & Shop DOES double coupons. They double up to $.99. I'm not sure how many 'like' coupons you can use per transaction. At Shop Rite, you can only use 4 of the same coupons per day so I'm thinking Stop & Shop might be the same.

    They've also put out 4 double dollar coupons in their mailed out circulars twice in the last 8 weeks or so. That's usually when I shop there, they're pretty pricey!

  2. Nicky - you won the cards at www.yummypears.com. send me your address at kellynjo@pacbell.net and I will mail you the cards. Congratulations.