Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CVS & Target

I'm not doing much shopping this week. Heavy bills week! But I still did manage to get a great deal (3.17.09) at CVS and Target and get some ECBs.

1 Dry Idea deodarant $2.47, less $2.00 coupon
1 Irish Spring Body Wash $4.99
Total $6.08 (with tax)
*Received 4.99 ECB from Body wash and $2.00 ECB from deodorant. I received more ECBs than my Total so this was a great buy

1 Huggies Body and Hair Wash $3.09 , less $3.00 coupon (Still using my huggies coupons (If it works it works) don't ask how I have so much)
Total $.35

Grand Total $ 6.43

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